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About me

Starting your fitness journey can feel overwhelming in the beginning and my mission is to help you get fit and strong, both physically and mentally, so you can perform at your best and have confidence in your training.

Whether you're overworked, stressed, tired or recovering from minor injuries... I can develop the right training program for you.

Having recovered from a liver transplant in 2018 I know what it’s like to overcome obstacles and can use this experience to help you overcome yours.

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I found him to be very supportive...

Jamie pulled together some excellent exercises/routines to help improve my neck/back/shoulder pain, which has really helped. He was very keen to find out what I wanted to gain from our sessions and tailored them accordingly. I found him to be very supportive, and the messages in between sessions to see how I was doing were a great touch. Thanks, Jamie!

Matt Fowler

The sessions have helped my lifts greatly...

Jamie helped me with regular PT sessions, I do a lot of weight training so he incorporated yoga into our sessions to balance things out and focus on flexibility, balance and joint health. The sessions have helped my lifts greatly and I recover much quicker from a heavy session lifting. He has a holistic approach to fitness which incorporates strength/conditioning, yoga and even meditation if you are interested. Highly recommended

Dan Springford

After 4 weeks I had lost 16lbs and I'm not stopping there!

You'd never have described me as a gym goer but I started going in September. I decided to try a series of 4 personal training sessions with Jamie and haven't looked back since. Jamie has put together a structured programme for me to help me achieve my goals. He balances praise with encouragement and isn't afraid to tell me what I need to do to improve. In between the weekly sessions with Jamie he has designed a gym workout for me to follow. This builds on what I do with him. If I can't get to the gym I have a home workout to do around work and childcare. He maintains contact with me to keep me going. After 4 weeks I had lost 16lbs and I'm not stopping there! I thoroughly recommend Jamie, his supportive approach with high expectations and his way of working. If I can do it, you can too.

Claire Roberts

Our Services

Private Training

Whether you are looking for Personal Training in the privacy of your own home, outside or at the gym, I can create a tailored programme specifically designed to match your goals and level of experience.

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Online virtual training

1-1 training in your own home or private gym in Worthing

Tailored fitness Program based on your fitness goals

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Whether you’re new to yoga, or an experienced Yogi looking to improve your practice, you can experience its transformative benefits at home, outside or in a studio.

Free Initial Consultation

Learn and practice in the comfort of your own home

Experience Yoga in a non-class environment

Develop a personal practice to suit you based on your goals

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It today's society it's important to take the time to switch off and quieten our minds.   One-to-one guided meditation is the perfect way to start your practice.

Free Initial Consultation

1-1 guided meditation 10/20min

Includes guided audio clips to support self practice

Option for weekly 1-1 sessions

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95 Southfield Road, Worthing, BN149EQ.

you can also reach me directly via the form on this website or via the following contact information.

Email: delf.living@gmail.com

Phone: 07798 888977

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